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Only £55 pw!

Become A Driving Instructor (Pdi training)

Start a new career and train to become a driving instructor with OOOSH!


To become a driving instructor, you need to apply to the DVSA. More information can be found at


To satisy the Registrar that you are worthy of being a driving instructor, you will need to:

  • hold a full UK or European Union (EU/European Economic Area (EEA) unrestricted car driving licence

  • have held it for a total of at least four out of the past six years prior to entering the Register after qualifying

  • not have been disqualified from driving at any time in the four years prior to being entered in the Register

  • be a “fit and proper” person to have your name entered in the Register. All convictions, motoring and non-motoring, will be taken into account when they assess your suitability to be entered on the Register. You will be required to have an enhanced level criminal record check.


You will also need to pass 3 exams.

  • Part 1 is a theory and hazard perception test.

  • Part 2 is a test of your driving ability. Once this test is done you can train to gain your 40 hours to be eligible for a trainee instructor licence. You can then work and study with learner drivers. Within 6 months you will take your part 3 test.

  • Part 3 is a test of your instructional ability



​Your Training With OOOSH!

Pay Per Hour Prices

  • Part 1 Training - Classroom Training £35 ph.

  • Part 2 Training - £40 per hour.

  • Part 3 Training - £40 per hour in car training.

  • 40 Hours minimum required to gain trainee licence which is valid for 6 months.

  • Fast track training available

  • Once qualified you will have the option join OOOSH! for just £55 pw. 

Already had training? An assessment is required with one of our trainers before joining.

All Pdi’s that we train are also advised to buy training material. 

You can buy Adi/Pdi training material to help you qualify for Part 1, 2 and 3. 

Please visit:

The Stationery Office (TSO) - Safe Driving for Life Wesbite


Driving instructor books can also be bought from Amazon.

If you would like to know more information or to organise your training, please call/ text Jamie on 077834 51917


Start your application

To find out if you can become a driving instructor and start your application.

Please visit

When your application has been approved you can book in with us for training. website will take you through the step by step process.

We will call / text you back!

OOOSH! We will contact ASAP!

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Or text us on 07783 451917 and we will call/text you back asap.

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Learn From Home

Your road to a new career

Train yourself online to be a driving instructor. Start your training today using Go Green online training videos and workbooks from the comfort of your own home, in your own time and at your own pace. Sign up today and get 15% off with OOOSH!

Go Green Driving Instructor Training

Studying at home

Each stage of the training process will be done with your ORDIT registered instructor but you can speed the process up by studying at home.

You'll need to invest in some books for Part 1, 2 and 3 studying. wesbite will advise you on preparing for tests and you can also visit Grade Six Supplies to purchase training material. 

Part 1 - This can be done at home and with us. Whilst training with us, you receive free acess to Theory Test Pro (change settings to Pdi) website and app. Theres also a number of other Apps you can down load, just search for Pdi Theory test on the app store. You will need to buy a copy of the highway code and know your road signs.


Part 2 and Part 3 - Training will be done with in 1:1 in car. You can also study at home by using website.

Standards Test Training

Get that grade A!

We can provide check test training to Adi's accross Lancashire and Merseyseide

Our driving instructor trainers are highly qualified with many qualifications including ORDIT, Fleet and RoSPA Gold qualifications and more. 

We can provide you with training to increase your chances of gaining that grade A you deserve. 

Our instructors will help you understand how the standards test works and how to makes sure you are using the right teaching techniques to gain maximum points.


PRICE - £40 Per Hour


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Grade  A
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